Join the Street Team

What’s a Street Team?

Street teams are groups of music fans who get together to help expose their favorite band or artist to their friends, families and fellow music listeners in their hometowns and online. As a street team member, you would give away, post and share promotional materials like CD samplers, stickers, flyers, posters and other things we provide with other people just like yourself. Team members also help spread the word online via social media posts, blog comments, discussion forums, leaving ratings and reviews and even radio call-in requests. We’ll also have some other cool projects you’d be able to help us with from time to time. It’s a fun way to help me create some buzz and also get an inside look into how an indie music artist like myself operates behind the scenes.

What Would I Have To Do?

Other than participating in the activities I just mentioned as often as you can, all I really need is for you to reach out to music fans like yourself and promote my music. Oh yeah, and also report back and let me know what you’ve been up to! Send me a quick note, some photos, links to videos of your promotion activites…stuff like that. I’ll pass them on to the other street team members so we can all share your experiences together!

Does It Cost Anything To Join?

Nope…joining my Street Team is absolutely free. 🙂

Does It Pay Anything?

Nope…we’d be working together on a volunteer basis, but I’ll definitely express my appreciation with some cool perks from time to time, including free merchandise, music and VIP access.

How Do I Sign Up?

Super easy…just fill out the form below. I’ll add you to the street team list and send you more details about how to get started!