New Logo

Donnie Schex Logo

Just had a new logo designed…what do you think?

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5150 Overdrive Demo

My new 5150 Overdrive pedal is unbelievable…it really sounds like EVH in a box. This thing is seriously never leaving my pedalboard. Warning: this video may or may not contain poorly executed Van Halen riffs 🙂

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Mixing Has Begun

Chris Andrews from Monument Sound has been busy mixing the new EP…he caught me last night when I wasn’t looking. 🙂

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Putting The Pieces Together

All the bits are in and they all fit on the board…unbelievable!

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Strymon Is In The House

Still working on the new pedal board. I got a great deal on these two bad boys…more pics and a rig rundown video coming soon!

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Pedalboard Reboot #374

pedalboard v1

Time to rebuild the old pedalboard. Now that the record is wrapping up, I need to be able to reproduce the guitar tones when I play the songs live. I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve reloaded this board lol

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Finally Finished Tracking!

It’s been such a pleasure working with Justin Long​ on the Truth & Magic EP. We started recording back in December, and now the tracking phase is finally finished. You guys are going to LOVE this record! Read more

Tracking Gang Vocals With The Gang

Gang Vocals

Tracking some gang vocals this morning! This record is getting so close to being done. Special thanks to Melody Schexnayder, Zoe Schexnayder and Mike Perry #TruthAndMagic #WeAllBleedRed

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Can’t Tear Down The Walls – Vocal Take Sheet

It looks like chicken scratch, but there’s a method behind the madness! (with Justin Long)

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Tracking Vocals

Had a great session tracking vocals last night with Justin Long in The Green Room #Elevation #TruthAndMagic #NoImNotPissed #JustIntense

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