We All Bleed Red

Today is election day in the USA. I’m so glad it’s finally over! I’ve never witnessed an election season with so much anger, so much deception, so much manipulation and so much fear. It seems like politics brings out the worst in people, especially online.

It’s been bothering me so much that I wrote a song about it this past weekend…it’s called “We All Bleed Red”. Here are a few of the lyrics: Read more

Fighting For Your Unlived Life

One of my favorite quotes is from the author Natalie Babbitt: “Do not fear death, but rather the unlived life…” Read more

2016 COMBO Songwriting Contest Awards Performance

It was an honor to perform my two winning songs at the COMBO Songwriting Contest awards event this past Saturday at The Walnut Room in Denver. I had the privilege of sharing the stage with the amazing Kenzie Culver, my friends Adrienne O and a dozen other winners, and luckily I received some camera phone footage of both songs to share. Here are both songs from the event, along with a little bit of stage banter (special thanks to Zoe Schexnayder for the footage): Read more

New Music Coming – Finally!

Friends, I know it’s been a long time coming but I’ve been working super hard on a new music project. I’ve been writing songs and recording demos in my garage like a madman, and I’m so excited to share this music with all of you soon. Stay tuned for updates over the next few months…this is going to be so cool!

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Shot Down In Flames

This was on a homemade birthday card from a friend of mine. Somebody had a little too much time on their hands lol

COMBO Songwriting Awards – I Won!

A few months ago I submitted two of my original songs to this year’s COMBO songwriting contest and, to my utter amazement, both of them got chosen! I’ll be performing them at the event…so honored and excited

Gear Rundown – March 2016

NOTE – My gear is in a constant state of flux…I’m always selling one thing and buying something else in the never-ending quest for better tone and capabilities. Here’s a snapshot from March 30, 2016. I’m sure it will have already changed by the time you read this. 🙂 Read more